For as long as I could remember, I believed in the “hustle”

Fitting for someone who was born and raised in Chicago, a city that emanates grit on the outside but possesses a deep loyalty on the inside. Born & raised on the Southside of Chicago to immigrant parents, I watched my parents work double shifts in laundry mats and sweatshops to put food on the table. I learned the value of hard work early on.

I spent the last decade in digital marketing working with some of the world’s most influential brands. Most recently, I was a sales executive at an ad tech company.  I’ve been grateful to have skyrocketed my career with help from some amazing mentors.

I had a life that "checked all the boxes" that little girl from the Southside wanted, but my soul was calling for something more. The universe heard and sent signs for me to slow down. Late 2017, I made the tough decision to hit pause on a career I’d cherished to spend time with my ailing father. Jan 2018, I kicked off a tour of his travel bucket list.

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In the process of healing my dad, i Began to learn About myselF

  • even though i have an outgoing personality, i hate being the center of attention & am actually an introvert

  • rest and reflection is necessary for success; success for me is more than $ but freedom & growth

  • noise is everywhere. on your insta feed, friends, work, family. surround yourself with only high vibe people, detox everyone else

  • i get antsy if i don’t go somewhere new once a quarter—near or far, small or big.

  • my calling is to empower and bring together female forward businesses

Life is an adventure and it’s more fun with friends—so come along.

I Tell My Story, Not Because It Is Unique, But Because It Is Not. It Is The Story Of Many Girls.
— Malala Yousafzai